Multivibe opened in 1999 and is proud to offer the world's largest selection of concrete equipment. Our vibratory screeds feature an easy tool-free assembly with our patented lever screw screed bar connection design. Multivibe offers gas vibrators in two styles, a line of roller screeds and power tamps to meet any contractor's needs.

Flat Work and Wall Construction

Our HM41H gas vibrator has a "fishing pole" style and makes the perfect choice for any flatwork. The HM300CH standard Hummer vibrator is the right choice for wall construction.

Multivibe gives you the largest variety for vibrator selection, nearly 200 possible options. We offer two different power styles with five different vibrator heads. Core and casing lengths are available in lengths from 2 feet to 20 feet. We can even provide lengths over 20 feet through special orders.

Roller Screeds

Roller screeds are the choice for inclines and pervious concrete where vibration is not required. Multivibe offers four different power unit options including electric, hydraulic and gas, as well as a full line of accessories to make any project easier. Wall plugs allow you to operate the screed next to walls or other obstructions. An adjustable curb runner lets you work against existing foundations or curbs.

Roller screeds allow for pouring wetter concrete while obtaining a durable surface. These screeds can strike off, level and even compact in just one pass. Our roller screeds are not just for pervious concrete use, they can make any concrete job easier.

Power Tamps

The new PT300 Power Tamp provides you with the most efficient and fastest way to stamp decorative concrete. The compact design is easy to handle and combines 60 pounds of weight with vibration that passes through the rubber coated rollers. This provides a uniform amount of compacting force from start to finish. The power feature allows you to get the job done without wearing out your crew.

At Multivibe, we manufacture what we sell. Call us toll free at 877-220-6652 or visit today.